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I am now open for any art commissions and jobs..

You can leave me a note here or email me at for rates and other details.

Thanks everyone!


I am currently open for COMMISSIONS for this month of February because I am raising some fund for some personal stuff and i thought this is one way of generating additional cash...

I am only available for pinup either/both lineart and/or coloring (only)..

Here are the rates:

* One character Colors - $100 USD
* One character Lines - $100 USD
* One character Colors and Lines - $150 USD

I am only limiting my capabilities for commissions to that for now.. Email me at .

Thank You so much and God Bless..

My friend :icondarkeyez07: is now looking for commissions...…

If you guys are in need of great art from pencils to colours and/or both, you can send him a note in DA (just click on his icon)...

You can also visit his Deviantart gallery...…

Thanx so much!
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Journal Entry: Mon Jan 25, 2010, 12:09 AM

Hi Everyone!!!

I am now officially open for commissions.. pin-ups..covers..character sketches and colors..comics..etcs..

If you are interested..Hit me up for details..

Send me here a note or email me at



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Journal Entry: Fri May 29, 2009, 4:52 AM

I didn't have a big load today at work and i was like browsing my DA and trying some "subscription" benefits..Then i came accross with these journal skins and wanted to try one for myself.

This skin (the skin i am using now for this entry) caught my eye and reminded me that i just bought myself a new pair of shoes. They are no *Converse but the design is similar. Thanx to :iconmoonfreak: for creating this skin..i love it.


It was my first "real" payday at my new work. (That is, i was finally left a small amount to splurge myself with new stuff). I had known that there was a LEVI's Sale in our building and this afternoon i sneaked out of our office and ran five floors below ours to the Levi's/Dockers Office. It was the sale's last day today and thank God i caught up with it.

I treated myself with a pair of white *Converse-ish shoes (SOrry, NO OFFENSE!), a pair of low-rise bootcut girly-jeans (coz rarely men jeans dont fit me well), large denim jacket (reminds me to have it altered for my size) and a pair of orange flipflops (all of my *Havaianas were utterly destroyed by my overly-lovable beagle SIGH!).

I really love them and can't wait to try them on.. I am thinking maybe tomorrow (forget about heigeine stuff! LOL).

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Mon Feb 2, 2009, 9:16 AM
Welcome Beagle Lovers....

Me, together with :icondxsinfinite: and :icondarkeyez07: came up with this crazy idea of forming an art team :iconartteambeagle: open for rakets and commissions.. The three of us have been doing sidelines for the past few years and fortunately we gained positive response from our clients..

Every now and then we will be uploading our previous projects through our site.. Hope you guys watch out for our posts in the future...


Fri Dec 19, 2008, 5:25 AM

As an early Christmas present, my Street Fighter Tribute book from UDON (a famous art studio in Canada, creator most recent CAPCOM artworks) just arrived last week..

:iconudoncrew: launched a contest mid this year, and winners got to have their artworks featured in the said book, together with some of the well-known international comic/manga/anime/whatever-style artists today.

Luckily, my Cammy (a collab with another great comic artist/colorist, mon ami :iconsummerset:) got picked!! :clap: :boogie: :clap:

And to complete my reasons for celebration, a thumbnail of my Cammy was printed on the BACK COVER!!!!!! :omg: :faint: :ambulance:

Thanx so much to Udoncrew for sponsoring this!!

Also, Buy the book and you'll get to see some filipino friends who also made it to the book:

from IAS


from somewhere else

:icon2ngaw: :iconchesterocampo: :iconsummerset:

And, my idols are there too

from my hall-of-famers

:iconartgerm: :iconkunkka: :iconkingmong: :iconplue:

:iconadamhughes::iconj-scott-campbell: :iconxeromander:

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Welcome to the Mechtechs World!

We are currently developing a new manga mini-series and virtual world called Mechtechs.

The series is set in a mecha garage run by a dysfunctional cast of characters that is passionate about fabricating giant pilot driven robots, or mechas. While the comedic dysfunction of the relationships and the daily drama in the garage is the primary focus of the series, the garage is but a microcosm of a much larger mecha universe. The mechas being built in the garage are being used to fight in the inter-galactic mecha-fought tournament that is taking place right outside.

Want to know the cool part? During the development phase, manga fans can visit the MechTechs blogs and see the characters as they are being drawn via our live 24-hour webcast.

And even better, fans can contribute and make suggestions to the artists as they draw the characters.

The first print issue of the series will be released in November 2008 along with the launch of the 3-D virtual mecha world.

Sign-up for more updates on Mechtechs at

Bookmark our blogsite and get to know more about the people behind Mechtechs and the pressures that they're dealing with while creating the comicbook:
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The news kind of hit me hard today..i was on the beach 2 days ago and i just came back for work..and when i opened up my DA these news greeted me..……

It is so depressing, really when people who have touched you life suddenly pass away..and yeah, i'm always emotional on things like this. It really makes me sad that no matter who you are and how lucky you are in this world, you will never know when you time on this earth is through..sigh..

I am sorry to bore you with thiis. I'm not really into journals.

To Michael Turner, one of the greatest comic artists for me..The very first to inspire me to aim for International Comics Industry.. May you rest in peace wherever you are.. Your works have inspired so many talents and I am thankful to have been one of them..
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Interactive Art Services (IAS) Manila Studio is in need of PIXEL ARTISTS who can work with us on an upcoming project.

The project-
We need to create 4 virtual world rooms similar in style and detail to these…
Experience with VW is preferred

We need to create 4 scenes in 10 days

If your interested please send in your portfolio samples to



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NEWS for my fellow FILIPINO Artists this KOMIKON 2007!

CHANCE ITO! to have the IFS (Imaginary Friends Studio) ARTBOOK which features like 500 all new pieces of Imaginary artwork -both personal and commercial and signed by the studio founders (Stanley/Artgerm, Kendrick/Kunkka, Kai/Ukitakumuki and Edmund/Shern).

You will have to CONTACT me if you are interested. You can note me here to ORDER and for infos or add me to your yahoo messenger - username: chenes_bar
or email me at

LIMITED COPIES only for the Immigration at the airport might hold me up for smuggling goods (LOL just kidding).

I am sorry if i can't take too many orders though because of travel concerns. But this is the best way i can do to share this opportunity to everyone. Thank You

** To preview the contents of the artbook, please click this… **

:iconshern: :iconartgerm: :iconkunkka: :iconukitakumuki: :icontorei: :iconkingmong: :iconjasonlan:
:iconbenqwek: :iconscabrouspencil: :icondcwj: :iconmarcwashere: :iconwhoiszid: :iconpsychedelichic: :iconsunnygho:
:iconarf: :iconadmirawijaya: :iconsami-b: :iconerufan: :iconthegerjoos: :iconshuqing: :iconkiiiat:
:iconwraithdt: :iconchesterocampo: :iconyjianlong: :iconmischievousmartian: :iconpumpkinbear: :iconluches: :iconsaktiisback:
:iconharuningster: :iconhenryz: :iconmeisan: :icon2ngaw: :iconmarkovah: :iconanggasatriohadi: :iconhendryzero:
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Lead Slinger Challenge (Drawing Contest) and Pixel Battle Royale (Digital Coloring Contest)

Terms and Conditions for the Lead Slinger Challenge Drawing Contest and the Pixel Battle Royale Digital Coloring Contest
Jonas Diego

1. There will be only one (1) winner for the Lead Slinger Challenge (drawing contest) and only one (1) winner for the Pixel Battle Royale (digital coloring contest) respectively. Each of the winners will be receiving Php 10,000.00 and a two-week in-house workshop at IAS Manila, Inc.

2. Judges decision is final.

3. Contestant must be a Filipino citizen (by birth or by naturalization) to enter the challenge.

4. Interested parties must submit at least 5 samples of their work to be considered for the contest. A panel of artists from IAS Manila, Inc. will shortlist three finalist from the total collection of submitted works. The contestants will be notified at least five (5) days before the event on November 17, 2007 by e-mail, SMS, and phone call.

5. Finalists must confirm their participation in the contest by e-mail, SMS, and phone call at least 3 days before the contest proper to give the organizers ample time to select a substitute in the event that they will be unable to join.

6. There will be no contest fees to be paid.

7. The artworks produced by the contestants in the contest proper remain the property of each individual contestant. IAS Manila, Inc. reserves the right to use said artworks in promoting the event including photographs and videos of the contestants taken during the event.

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R'member the saturday mornings spent with your favorite cartoon characters?

Well, this is something like that...

We proudly made it for everyone.. to enjoy! to love (HA HA HA)


Please spread the word..
Well, i really had to take this seriously and ask a friend's help on howto do this. There's alot of processes in DA that i dont know until now. he he Nways, Ive been tagged by :iconredspider06:

Now here it is!


choose 3 things from each category to take with you when u stranded on an abandoned island cuz u fell off a plane full of male rapists, puppies, and canadians playing country music

Movies (some thing that can keep me interested, watch multiple times)
1. Lord of The Rings
2. X-men (Movies)
3. Y Tu Mama Tambien (Oh my God, i should never forget that)

TV Series
1. X-men (Sorry im a great fan of them)
2. American Idol (so i can sing with some amateur singers)
3. The Simpsons

Music (lp)
'lp'? i aint sure about this
1. Tony braxton's You're making me high
2. Mariah Carey's Number 1's
3. Whitney Houston's Just Whitney

Music (ep/single)
1. Whitney Houston - You'll Never STand Alone
2. Mariah Carey - Love Takes Time
3. Toni Braxton - I don't Want to

1. The Catcher in the Rye
2. Master of the Game by Sidney Sheldon
3. Tolkien's Books

Food ( I dont know if non-filipinos know this)
1. Adobo
2. Sinigang na Baboy
3. Rice (more rice)

Drinks (alcoholic)
1. Bailey's
2. Vodka and Tonic
3. Jack Daniel's

Drinks (non-alc.)
1. Distilled Water
2. Lemonade
3. Nescafe

There you go ladies and getlemen and flamboyant gentlemen!

ok im tagging